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Affordability meets Sustainability

With Afoody, you can enjoy affordable, delicious meals while saving the environment. Make every bite count for both your wallet and the planet. Ready to join the Afoody  movement?

Save Money

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Every year, South Africa sees tons of amazing food left unused. Afoody wants to change that. Our app helps you save money while enjoying fantastic meals from local places. Join us to make every meal a tasty, budget-friendly adventure!

How it Works

Open the app and uncover Wonder Bags of food from nearby restaurants and shops

Why use Afoody?

In a nation where every meal counts, Afoody becomes the beacon of change, rescuing surplus food and transforming it into an affordable feast for all.
Imagine a South Africa where no good meal is left behind, and every plate contributes to a movement that not only fights food waste but makes quality dining accessible to everyone, creating a ripple effect of positive change in our communities!

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