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How it works

Open the app and uncover Wonder Bags of food from nearby restaurants and shops

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Stop throwing away profits! We help grocers, pizzerias, supermarkets & sushi restaurants like you turn food waste into happy customers.

Rolls to Rands

Albert’s bakery is a local favorite, but leftover pastries near closing pose a challenge. Thankfully, he uses Afoody!

Afoody to the Rescue: Rather than waste food, Albert creates a “Wonder Bag” on Afoody with discounted surplus items.

The Wonder Bag: Filled with 6 rolls, a pie, cupcakes, and a pretzel, it’s a delicious deal!

Available on Afoody: Nearby customers can see the Wonder Bag on the Afoody app. Linda sees the bag, perfect for her family and discounted to R100 from the original R150!

Happy Ending: Linda picks up her treat-filled bag on her way home, saving money and enjoying Albert’s delicious food. Albert makes a sale and avoids waste – everyone wins!

Want to be a Waste Warrior like Albert? Contact Afoody to learn more!

Bakers, fight food waste with Afoody!

With over 4000 bakeries in South Africa, we can make a significant impact!

Love baking fresh bread and pastries? Help reduce waste by letting customers rescue your delicious creations before they go stale.

Why it happens in bakeries:

  • Frequent restocking and large displays
  • Difficulty predicting exact daily demand
  • Limited storage space
  • Fresh products with short shelf life

Be part of the movement! Sign up with Afoody and fight food waste, one delicious bite at a time.

Rescue Food, Boost Sales

Savers Supermarket is the local go-to place for all groceries in Musgrave. Every evening, they face a challenge – perfectly good food nearing its sell-by date, destined for the waste bin.

Afoody Steps In: Savers partners with Afoody to offer “Wonder Bags” filled with fresh, discounted produce or cooked deli food nearing its end date.

Win-Win for Everyone: Customers like Sizwe, a young professional, can snag a bag of high-quality fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost, perfect for a healthy meal.

The Afoody App: Sizwe sees the Wonder Bag on his phone and loves the variety and discount. He easily purchases it through the app.

Reduced Waste, Happy Customers: Sizwe picks up his bag, saving money and enjoying delicious produce. Savers avoids waste, keeps shelves stocked, and even generates extra sales.

 Learn more about Afoody and join the fight against food waste!

Ready to be a Supermarket Hero?

Overstocking, inadequate package sizes and seasonal products are just a few of the many examples of why supermarkets waste food. With more than 5,121 supermarkets in South Africa, we can make a significant impact!


  • Regular replenishment of stock and large product quantities on display
  • Inadequate package sizes to attract consumers
  • Demand unpredictability and challenges in demand forecasting
  • Overstocking in bulk and lack of storage facilities
  • Misinterpretation of the product’s shelf life
  • Outdated promotional, damaged, and unpopular items
  • Availability of ready-made fresh food

Stop Food Waste, Boost Profits: Join Afoody

Buffet Bonanza: Reduce Waste with Afoody

The Challenge: Buffets inevitably lead to surplus food, creating waste and impacting profitability. 

The Solution: The Forks & Corks partnered with Afoody. This innovative app connects them with customers seeking delicious meals at a discount.

“Leftover Feasts” at The Forks & Corks: Utilizing Afoody, The Forks & Corks created enticing “Leftover Feasts” available on the app. These feasts offered a curated selection of high-quality, leftover buffet items at a significantly reduced price.
Reduced Waste,Increased Revenue, Happy Customers, Enhanced Reputation !

The Forks & Corks’ Success Story: By embracing Afoody, The Forks & Corks became a leader in waste reduction and customer satisfaction. They are a shining example of how buffets can benefit from this innovative platform.


  • Overproduction: Making too much food can lead to spoilage.
  • Portion Distortion: Excessively large portions encourage waste.
  • Untouched Buffets: Overfilled buffets tempt over-serving, but not finishing.
  • Leftover Logistics: Lack of options for customers to take home leftovers contributes to waste.
  • Prep Waste: Trimmings and unused ingredients add up if not repurposed.
  • Inventory Overload: Over-ordering and poor storage lead to spoilage.

Become an Afoody Partner

Signing up to Afoody is free, and you won’t pay anything unless you sell food through the app. Once you start selling food, we’ll deduct a small commission on each Wonder Bag sold. Reach out to our team, and we’ll walk you through it.

Not at present, the app is collection only.

About the same effort as throwing away surplus food ! Simply set aside your surplus to be picked up by a customer. Then at collection time the customer shows up to collect his surplus using their electronic receipt.  Afoody will assist you every step of the way!

Stores can set the pickup times for customer orders based on their operating hours or to manage their surplus food profile. The app provides scheduling options to accommodate store preferences.

No Problem! Just mark your surplus as out of stock . The App allows stores to manage their listings based on their circumstances. 

The store dashboard provides access to data about customer orders, including customer information and feedback. This data can help stores track their performance and make improvements.

Anyone with surplus food. Retail stores, restaurants, hotels, garages , bakeries, florists. Reach out to one of our store managers and we will take you through the process

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